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We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. -Anais Nin

Tenati Beach, Vizag
Tenati Beach, Vizag

My Story:

Hi! I am Somnath Verma, a 21 year old student who loves to travel and share his stories with people. This blog used to be thetraveloholic.wordpress.com before I moved to this domain. I have been blogging for  a year and a half. Earlier it was mostly to document my travels and share with my people. But slowly it became an addiction. I couldn’t stay at one place and always wanted to be somewhere else. Though college was a big restriction, I can proudly say that in the past one year I have traveled more than I had ever traveled in my whole life.




Moment Of Truth:

As my love for travelling grew, I realised that it requires money to travel. A lot actually. To have money, you need a job and by having a job, you can’t travel much. It is a vicious cycle, you see. Yes, there are jobs which let you travel a lot but being into my undergraduate program it was already too late for me to change streams.

The Discovery:

The epiphany I had left me heartbroken. I had nearly made peace with the fact that I would have to suffice with “once in a year trips” in the future.

No more this!
No more this!

But the Universe had something else in store for me. I came across many travel blogs (which I read to mend my broken heart) and realized that not only were the bloggers travelling full time but also making money out of it to fund their travels. I was psyched. So, it is possible!

This is Possible!
This is Possible!

I did a lot of research and spent some time understanding the in’s and out’s of travel blogging. Now I think I’m ready to take the leap and make a career in travel blogging. I know it won’t be easy and why should it even be? It’s a job after all.

And I need you, my Dear Audience to be with me through this journey while I try to be of some value to you. You are my real power. Stay in Touch.

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See You On The Road….



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